Jango Review

Internet net radio has taken the world by storm, and it has become one of those things that people love to use. Pandora, is a great example of these kinds of sites, and no doubt, you might have heard of the site yourself at some point. However, there are some key problems with Pandora that keep it from becoming perfect, but that’s just how it goes. This reviews isn’t about Internet radio stations though, instead you’ll get to learn about a free service that you can use right now. Here’s the Jango  Radio review for anyone interested in an alternative music streaming station.

Perhaps one of the reasons why everyone loves Pandora so much is that they get to stream their absolute favorite tracks. Some would see this as a self-defeating purpose because that’s what your phone is for.  Of course, those who say this often don’t look at the bigger picture, and often neglect the online part of this kind of radio station. Making an account will open a lot of features for Jango, and it starts with user created stations.

User created Stations

Possibly the most attractive feature of online radio is that you get to make your own kind of station. Anything from punk rock, classic, hip-hop, trance, and most any genre is featured on Jango Radio. This expansive library has no doubt allowed for some interesting choices in radio stations genres. However, that is the beauty of the site as anyone can try out your station any time they want.  On the flipside, you can also listen to any of the hundreds of personal stations on the site. This kind of sharing necessitated the next feature of Jango.

Social Networking and Internet Radio

 When you do find those select stations that you love, a neat little feature is allowing you to add the user that made that station. It’s sort of like sharing tastes, and that little addition of adding new friends is really fun as it makes Jango Radio an interactive site as well. You can pass messages, and generally, invite everyone you know to use this site freely. The whole thing really adds a new dimension to your listening experience.

Concise Track Selection

One common comment about Pandora, which has incidentally become a meme, is the inaccuracy in its track selection. If you’re really into the more obscure tracks, this makes your music experience sort of erratic as you might jump from metal to hip hop in an instant. This station seems to have this problem under wraps, as it does deliver some pretty consistent streaming. Often it would jump track to track, centered on your favorite artist, and when it does deviate, the site does try to sample some songs that you might like. It really works towards creating a fluid music experience for the user.

The Last few Words

Jango Radio really sparkles, considering that it is a free site. Some of its downfalls, like intrusive ads and lack of niche music can be a little lacking, but it more than makes up for it by being a consistent streaming experience. Since the service has no charge, you can try out the Jango station today.