Jango Blackberry

The Blackberry is a unique in that there are a lot of people that enjoy using the device for very specific purposes. Often, people designate it as more of a personal assistant because the design lends itself well to that task. Even the playbook seems to have garnered a more professional crowd as opposed to those that use it for recreation. Despite that, the Blackberry has huge potential as a mobile device, and more people want to expand their phone’s capabilities. So what better way to do this than to add Jango Radio Blackberry to your repertoire of apps?

Jango Internet Radio

If you’ve never heard of this site, it’s mostly about Internet radio streaming. If you’ve never heard of Internet radio, then you’ve probably never actually got on the Internet before so how are you reading this? Jango Radio is one of those apps that is simple in purpose, and has a ton of  simple tools at its disposal. Firstly, it streams music as a station would, that means artists get mixed up, and you get to enjoy quite the plethora of tracks and bands. Of course, since this is an Internet centered site, you can also make your own station for music. That means your tastes are catered to by your own songs, so you will definitely enjoy it every time you log on. You may be asking though, how is that radio station any different from your already established library of music? Well, that’s where the  radio part kicks in.

The Radio in Internet Radio

At some point in your life you probably listened to a bit of Radio. The stations, the DJs, and the music are all part of that general experience. While Internet radio doesn’t have that yet, it does strive to emulate one part of the experience. When you listen to your tracks, the site will often try to suggest good music to you. It won’t force feed them because they won’t intrude during your playback. At the same time, the site won’t suggest wildly varying forms of music to you as it will try to narrow down your tastes a bit. The app will check out which tracks and genres you like the most, and try to find music similar to that sound. Jango also has a unique feature that uses the same searching techniques.

A bit of Social Networking

Another fun little addition to this app is the ability to make friends. Of course, that doesn’t seem to know, but it ties in with the stipulation above because the app does look for friends based on your musical tastes. It’s fun at some point, especially for people who are a bit sick of Facebook or Twitter and want to try sharing something new with strangers. It works to some degree, and it does help that the search narrows down to  taste.

Once again, the Blackberry is a versatile device. However, it does suffer a bit from the lack of awesome apps. At the same time, there are other Internet radio stations that don’t work in certain parts of the world. If you find that you’re in the middle of these two, you can always try out Jango Radio as it does offer something to spice up your little mobile device.