Jango App

The Jango Radio app is something of a treat for new users. It’s a small app centered on creating a personal user experience while streaming music from the Internet. Much like Slackers or Pandora, the app does it through users as well as adding a few new tracks for good measure. However, what makes Jango different from the different online streaming sites available? Well, there are a few key things that might make or break the experience for you, but then again, it’s always been about personal preference when it comes to radio.

Jango Radio and the User Centric interactions

Possibly one of the best reasons why Jango comes out on top is that it really does make the user the priority in terms of usage. You see, often the app will make an effort to reach out to you, even when you don’t notice it trying. Firstly, it will determine which kind of genre really strikes your fancy. Once you have uploaded enough tracks, or have streamed enough music of your own, the app will start making its suggestions. At first, they may seem a little disconnected, but after a few listens to the suggested artists and songs, you’ll find that they do cater to your kind of music. After a while, the app might even suggest new stations to listen to. For clarification’s sake, stations can be wholly user created, which means tastes can be matched. It actually tries to match you up with a few people that like similar music.


This extensive use of user data makes the whole experience quite personal, of course it won’t make you shed tears or anything like that, more like the whole thing is enhanced quite a bit because of accurate searches. As far as making the app a little better for you, the developers have really pulled out all the stops as the app can make some pretty accurate predictions about what tracks you like.

Tracks and more Tracks

Okay, so one of the reasons why you want to try out an Internet radio stations is because you feel your music is getting a little boring. Can Jango provide you with the refreshing feel of new songs that you’ve never tried? That is answered by both a yes and a no and why is that? Well, firstly music is largely split into tastes and genres. While some bands will tickle your fancy, others will sound either too new or just too boring for your tastes. That is not to say that the change isn’t welcome because to songs on the site and the app are quite expansive in fact. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, then this is probably an experience you don’t want to miss out on, as the whole music genre really does jump into pretty good territory.

Streaming strange music from different apps has never been quite this unique, and while limited, the mobile Jango Radio does make an effort. From personal preferences to high quality tracks, it’s really hard to believe that the site is free to use. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, then this is an app you can’t pass up